Achieving your Fullest Life with Counselling

While men have built a reputation for being the “stronger sex”, this outdated notion is now becoming a burden. Today we know that physical strength is not the measure one’s fulfilment in life. While in prehistoric times, physical strength was of utmost value for survival, we evolved into a species that has become more sophisticated and advanced.

Today, men are faced with so many obstacles when it comes to mental health and wellness. According to the American Psychological Association, suicide rates among American men is higher in comparison to women while 9 percent of men experience daily feelings of anxiety or depression. And yet despite these numbers, only 1 in 4 men spoke to a mental health professional. More women seek help than men and in the end, men suffer the consequences.

Mental wellness is necessary to achieve a fuller and more holistic life. The physical, spiritual, sexual, emotional, and mental aspects of one’s self must not be neglected nor favored over another. These are interspersed with each other and to take care of your mental wellbeing means getting help when you need it and not to be ashamed of it. Men undergo countless number of stressful situations and issues that “going to a bar to get drunk” has become a common band-aid solution. Alcohol and vices can only help you forget your problems, not solve them. Not even over-the-counter medications will do. In fact, there are times it can make one’s situation only worse.

Going to counselling does not mean you are less of the man that you are or should be. These age-old thoughts should be thrown out the window and it is time to acknowledge that regardless of gender, we all need mental support. More and more men are acknowledging the importance of this, even prominent people and celebrities are taking it on social media to share that they are getting help and mental issues need to be addressed. Suicide, depression, and anxiety are on the rise and it can affect any gender. These issues can cripple and hinder you from living your best self and even to share it with others.

If you are a man looking to seek help when it comes to your mental wellness, there is a way for you to get support. There is no need to conceal your struggles. The way forward is to engage a professional counselor and build the life that you really want for yourself, for your family, and for everyone who cares for you.

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