About Us

We are Men Alive

Living your life to fullest can be achieved with professional counselling. And with Men Alive, you will get the support you need to get through your struggles and find opportunities for you to continue growing and thriving in today’s world.

Established by a group of professional counselors and psychologists in Australia, Men Alive is your go-to group for mental health and wellness focused on men. We acknowledge that men still lack the confidence and support when it comes to mental health and women tend to seek support more. That is why we started this group as a way to invite men to the following:

1) Acknowledge the importance of mental wellness

2) Address the mental issues in a professional manner

3) Create a life that is not bound by anxiety, depression or fear

In the past years, Men alive has been at the forefront of bringing mental health for men to the fore. Our participation in annual events, extensive media coverage, and breadth of resources on mental health and wellness has been our contribution to this cause on top of the countless mean whom we have given support to. With offices all over Australia, we’ve proudly provided our services to more than 500 men whose lives have now been turned into something that has given them much fulfillment and joy.

The group that forms Men Alive are recognized professionals in their respective fields and are vouched and respected by their peers. They work with a dedicated staff that ensures efficient communication between clients. Men Alive are open for one-on-one and group counseling, counseling for families, and even niche counseling for special groups like LGBTQIA+. We embrace diversity, collaboration, respect, and honesty as our core values in helping ensure the best support we can provide to our clients.

Men Alive also continues to expand its service areas so make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!