A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Do Bathroom Sealing in Sydney

You’ll seal your bath due to either there’s a need to give it a new or refreshing look, or its old sealant is beginning to come off. You have to do bathroom sealing right, whatever is the reason behind the need for you to do so. Below is a DIY step-by-step guide on how to seal your bathtub: 

  1. Take Off the Old Sealant from Your Bathtub 

With the use of a box cutter, take off the old sealant. Seal the old tub’s bathroom sealing using a razor along with the moulding on the tub’s sides. Use tweezers to get rid of debris of the sealant elements that are still around. With the use of a methylated spirit, vacuum cleaner, and a cloth, take away the remaining sealant elements that you may have overlooked to remove. Finally, use a mould remover to take away any mould or mildew elements. 

  1. Put Masking Tape Around the Grout Line 

Firstly, ensure that the space where you work have no clutter on it before you begin doing your task. To start the process of doing bathroom sealing, put on masking tape around the grout line on your bathtub. Doing so shall keep the sides of your bathtub clean looking. 

  1. Fill Up the Bathtub with Water 

Before you put on the sealant, fill the bathtub with water. Leave the bathtub full of water until after the sealant applied has dried. 

  1. Use a Sealant Gun to Apply Bathtub Sealing 

Put the nozzle at the starting point position. Begin work close to the regrout shower part. Put on pressure on the sealant gun as you put on sealing on the surrounding sides of the bathtub. 

  1. Smoothen Out the Grout 

When you’re done sealing the sides of your bathtub, use the smoothing tool to smoothen out the grout along the seam. 

  1. Take Off the Masking Tape 

Take off the masking tape you’ve put on the grout line prior to the sealant drying. Doing so should give the grout the chance to absorb air, and, thus, accumulate the needed moisture to keep away the mould from the sides of the bathtub. 

  1. Make Sure the Extra Amount of Sealant is Taken Off 

With the use of a wet rag, remove the extra amount of sealant prior to it completely drying off. You can check the instructions on the package for the specific instructions. However, generally, it’s best to not use the bathtub until 48 hours have passed since you’ve completed applying sealing on it. If you need to do shower repairs, let the same time period pass after you’ve applied to seal on the bathtub. Doing so shall ensure the sealant has 100 percent dried out from the bathtub by the time the latter comes into contact with water or is used. 

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